Vancouver Moms: Want Your Baby to Sleep Through The Night?

When it comes to choosing a Vancouver Sleep Consultant, I know that you have many great choices!  I wanted to share with you today, why I may be the right fit for your family, to help you navigate the sleep struggles that you are having with your baby, toddler or school aged child.  Here is a bit about what I offer that I believe sets me apart from other Vancouver, BC Sleep Consultants.

Personal Attention and Flexibility

I only take on a limited amount of families per month.  Why?  Because I believe that your family deserves my full attention when we are working together.  I get to know my families on a personal level, and that helps me give the most accurate suggestions and strategies when it comes to your child’s sleep.  I work hard to learn about your family’s dynamic and unique schedule, so that we can make the sleep strategies that work for you.


I have been in your shoes.  I have bounced on the yoga ball trying to get my child to sleep, I have slept sitting up, I have co-slept, I have driven my child in circles while they slept, and I have cried in desperation.  I know what it feels like to be sitting where you are right now, thinking that there is absolutely no end in sight and that I am a failure and a horrible parent for wanting my child to sleep. I also have been on the other side, when sleep happens.  Where I finally gave myself permission to ask for help. I have seen my baby sleep peacefully after 9 months of hardly sleeping, and see the positive effect that it has had on my child, my husband and on myself.  I know that it is possible and I know what it feels like to be on the other side, as your Vancouver Sleep Consultant, I want that success for you and for your little one.

Promptness and Detail

I want my families to be able to ask me a question and know that they will get a prompt answer.  I want you to feel supported.   I also want you to be able to walk away from our time together, confident that you can handle sleep hiccups, transitions and anything that may come your way when it comes to their child’s sleep.


I strive for excellence and education in the field of sleep. As a Vancouver, BC baby and child sleep consultant, I am  constantly expanding my knowledge, so that I can offer families the best possible support and guidance. The more you know!  Whether it be education on neurodiversity, disorders, supplements, behavior and other topics that sleep has a direct impact on or is directly related too, I am constantly expanding my knowledge through courses, workshops and seminars.  You as a family deserve to have someone working for you that has up to date education and knowledge.

Results from Your Vancouver Child Sleep Consultant

I want you and and your child to get sleep more than you do!😅  Well, maybe not quite that much, but pretty close!  Check my testimonials from my clients, they speak for themselves and every one of those stories shared mean the world to me.  I will work closely with your family to find the strategies that fit your comfort level and a schedule that works for your family dynamic.

As a trusted sleep expert in Vancouver, British Columbia and across Canada and the US, I want you to find the right fit for your family and I hope that the choice you make is with Say Yes to The Rest.  I do encourage you though to do your research, and take advantage of my Free Child Sleep Evaluation Call to see if I am the Vancouver Sleep Consultant for you.  If we are not a good fit, that’s ok, I am happy to guide you in the right direction for your family!

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