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Find out what happy families have to say about Missy and Say Yes to The Rest.

"My wife and I worked with Missy and honestly, we cannot speak more highly about our experience! Before working with Missy, our 7-month-old son was waking two to three times per night and napped inconsistently, if at all. Because of this, my wife and I were always exhausted and our son was often overtired and irritable.

With a clear, actionable plan from Missy, and with just a few week's work, we were able to break bad long-held habits and get our son sleeping through the night (12-13 hours uninterrupted!!) and napping at predictable times and for consistent lengths during the day. This changed the quality of sleep, our relationship and, most importantly, improved our son's overall well-being.

Missy was a lovely human and consummate professional who struck just the right balance between empathy and redirection to help everyone succeed. Our work together was a game-changer. Run, don't walk, to her if you need help getting your kid to sleep!"
Joel & Ashley
Parents to 7 Month Old
We had great results from working with Missy. We got off the rollercoaster ride of never knowing if or when my 17month old would nap and on to a consistent schedule. Reading books about gentle sleep training and infant sleep were informative but couldn't provide the accountability, moral support, customized and nuanced suggestions that working with Missy did. Changing habits are difficult and support is key to making them successful. Missy is awesome!
Becky and Drew
Parents to 17 Month Old
Working with Missy was a game-changer for us! We started working with Missy and Say Yes to the Rest when our son, Jack, was about 7 months old. He had been co-sleeping with us since he was born, and naps were typically spent snuggled with someone rather than on his own. Jack is our third (and final) child so part of me wanted to hold onto his “babiness” for as long as I could and putting him in his own crib felt like I was giving that up. But after talking to Missy about the process, and everything I know about the importance of sleep (both for Jack and also for me) I knew it was time. I would be lying if I said it was easy. The first few days were certainly the hardest but after we got over the 5-day regression it was smooth sailing. Any time I had a question, Missy was right there to walk me through it. She comforted me and gave me guidance when I felt like I was failing. She supported me when Jack was sick and I took him back into our bed for a few nights and she was there to listen to me when I was feeling sad about not having him co-sleep with us. At the end of our time together Jack was sleeping through the night, where before he was waking 2-3 times and his naps went from 30 minutes to 90+ during the day. I was so surprised at how quickly and well he took to the training and I am looking forward to many restful nights to come! Thank you so much for everything Missy!"
Mom to 7.5 Month Old
Say Yes to the Rest was fantastic! My daughter finally sleeps on her own! Missy was so helpful!
Dad to 2.5 Year Old
Missy was amazing! Before Missy, my daughter had to be rocked to sleep and then would wake up an hour later and not go back in her crib, but we had to bring her to bed with us. Every nap, I had to hold her as well, otherwise her nap would only last 20 mins. After the first night, Dani slept through the night! In her own crib! And she was there for me whenever I had questions or doubts. I almost backed out numerous times, but Missy called me every time and we talked it out. I am so glad I went through with it. 5/5 would recommend!
Mom to 19 Month Old
We are thrilled that we finally worked with Missy! Our kiddo is thriving, and we have some of our sanity back (as much as parents of a toddler can, that is)! I no longer have to rock my kiddo to sleep for naps, he can put himself back to sleep on his own, and bed time is stress-free and easy, and he sleeps through the night. Missy tailored a plan specifically for our family and child’s needs. She was able to help us tweak things as we moved through the program to better accommodate our particular situations. She provided guidance and support throughout, and she listened to our needs and preferences. We are so pleased with everything, and our Little Man is thriving more. And we’re all sleeping more!
Courtney and Dan
Parents to 17 Month Old
"Missy pulled us out of a trench of very poor sleep that was resulting in diminishing health, increasing and anxiety, and stressed kids too. We had been slogging through the nights with our 3 year old twin girls who were resistant to bedtime, constantly waking up crying with many demands, and eventually ending up in our bed leaving us with extremely restless nights. Missy got us on track with our girls accepting bedtime and falling asleep on their own, sleeping through the nights in their OWN BEDS, and even helped us get one of the girls not yet night potty trained staying dry through the night! As we now are able to catch up on our sleep debt, sleep and REM cycles are returning to our lives, health and resilience is improving for all of us, stress and anxiety is reducing in our household, and it is all making for more harmony and better days as a family. She also helped us get our 7 year old son cooperating better with us when getting ready for school in the mornings and for bed at night, and helping with a few chores around the house even! Missy is extremely approachable, and understanding. She is professional, timely, and consistent with follow up and problem solving through the hiccups and standoffs that come with sleep training. Her professional, organized, and friendly demeanor made us feel very comfortable being open with her. As parents we are becoming more rested and less stressed which makes us better parents. Our kids are thriving, learning boundaries, and more cooperative. As a family our bond is stronger and we are having more fun together. If you are struggling to get through each day and night with your kids, finding yourself desperate for sleep and balance, stop suffering through the madness and connect with Missy. She will turn your situation around and your family will benefit from her expertise more than you expect! You, and your health, and your family are worth it!"
Tiffany and Luke
Parents to 4 year Old Twins and a 7 Year Old
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